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The newest in a series of tip sheets on how to deal with problems caused by the deep freeze

Environment Texas

AUSTIN, Texas — Large scale power outages and energy shortages across the state from this week’s winter storm have caused wholesale electricity prices to rise more than 10,000 percent, leaving many Texans wondering if their electricity bills will increase, too. TexPIRG Education Fund and Environment Texas Research and Policy Center jointly released a guide Friday with tips to help consumers understand their electric bills, assess their situations and agree on payment plans with their electric providers. 

“Too many of us, our friends and our neighbors are just trying to make it to tomorrow right now without frostbite or drinking contaminated water. Some utilities have taken steps to warn customers about astronomical rates or impending due dates, but no one has time to dig around to find out what this could mean for their electric bills — and it’s darkly ironic that many Texans don’t have the electric power to do so,” said Emma Pabst, an advocate with Environment Texas Research & Policy Center. “Hopefully, by offering up free, simple information and advice, we can at least alleviate some of our fellow Texans’ stress and let them focus on the more imminent problems they face.”

TexPIRG Education Fund and Environment Texas Research & Policy Center have also released these other winter storm resources and guides this week to help our struggling neighbors: 


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