Pollution from Chapter 313 recipients

In 2021, recipients of Chapter 313 tax agreements released more than 100 million tons of greenhouse gas pollution. Here’s how we calculated that:

*”2014-2021″ data was downloaded directly from TCEQ  https://www.tceq.texas.gov/airquality/point-source-ei, as their 2014-2021statesum.xlsx.
*”313 Active agreements” was downloaded from TX Comptroller website  https://comptroller.texas.gov/economy/local/ch313/agreement-docs.php “Active Agreement as of 2/10/2023” spreadsheet.
*We then highlighted in “2021” all rows of companies and facilities with active 313s.
*We filtered for those highlighted rows and moved them into the sheet “EPA Point Source Totals.”
*We added a column for EPA’s GHG emissions, with each facility individually searched in their FLIGHT database  https://ghgdata.epa.gov/ghgp. Total emissions was added to this column.
*TCEQ data did not align with EPA data, so even though TCEQ dataset was more complete, we used EPA data exclusively. TCEQ does not track CO2 or other GHG emissions directly while EPA does.
*There were many facilities/projects that did not have data with EPA site, or were noted as not requiring data submission. Those facilities are marked “unknown.”

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