New homes in San Antonio to be electric vehicle ready

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San Antonio Councilwoman Ana Sandoval speaks in support of electric vehicles at a Feb. 2018 Environment Texas press conference

The San Antonio City Council approved new building codes yesterday that will require builders to install 240 volt outlets in new single family homes, making it easier and cheaper to install electric vehicle chargers for people who want them.

The changes come as San Antonioans continue to suffer from unhealthy air. The metro area had at least 14 ozone action days in 2022, with a lot of the pollution coming from gas powered cars and trucks. Luckily, electric vehicles are emission-free, and are on the rise in San Antonio and across the country. Purchases of EVs increased 184 percent in Bexar County from 2021 to 2022.

And with Congress’ renewal of tax credits for EVs, including the creation of a new $4000 tax credit for the purchase of used EVs, more than half of new car sales are expected to be electric by 2030. City council’s action will help make sure the city can accommodate the coming wave of EVs.

In Feb. 2018 we called on the city of San Antonio to prepare for the electric car revolution with deploying charging stations throughout the city. In our Feb. 2021 San Antonio legislative agenda and in Feb. 2022 in our EV Toolkit for Local Governments called on the city to adopt EV ready building codes. We also signed a letter this week led by the Sierra Club applauding the city’s proposal to include EV ready standard as part of an update to the city’s building code.


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