We’re leaving a safer climate for kids growing up today.

After we helped present the facts, engage elected leaders and gather an overwhelming 8 million comments of support, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency finalized the historic Clean Power Plan in 2015. The plan limits emissions from America’s No. 1 source of global warming pollution—power plants. It also helped set the stage for the historic Paris Agreement, made between 196 countries to reduce emissions last December.


Solar for All

Millions of Americans are ready to go solar so we can power our lives and our communities with clean, renewable, local energy. Yet some utilities and other special interests want to throw new obstacles in the way. Our Solar for All campaign is working to knock those barriers out of the way.


100% Renewable Energy

Imagine being able to power your life without harming the environment. Imagine our country producing and consuming energy while we enjoy healthy, livable communities. We have the power to give kids growing up today a livable future. That’s why we're calling for a nationwide commitment to 100% renewable energy.

And the winner is… up to you!


As a part of our solar photo contest, Environment America members sent us pictures and stories to say why they love the sun. The entries we received inspired us. In fact, we got so many great stories and photos that, along with our guest judges, we need your help to choose a winner. Vote today. 

as a part of our solar photo contest.

Here’s an idea – solar on schools


By putting solar on schools, we can protect the planet while educating students about renewable energy.

Why football stadiums can score on solar

By | Bret Fanshaw
Solar Program Coordinator

Sports teams are beginning to use clean energy – has your team gone solar yet?

Sports teams are beginning to use clean energy – has your team gone solar yet?

New technology makes a solar future even easier. What's getting in the way? 

Technological barriers to powering our life with solar energy are crumbling by the day. Coupled with the right mix of solar policies enacted by federal, state and local officials, clean energy technologies will continue to help us tap into the power of the sun.

Last chance to tell your solar story!


Across the nation, people are going solar. Every one of you has a different story to tell. This summer we’ve been running a solar-focused photo contest in order to see, hear, and share your stories.

We love the stories we’re getting and we want to see more. So, we’ve extended the contest deadline. Please send in an image, if you haven’t already, by September 15th.

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Lighting the Way

Solar energy is booming. In just the last three years, America’s solar photovoltaic capacity tripled. In 2014, a third of the United States’ new installed electric capacity came from solar power. And in three states – California, Hawaii, and Arizona – solar power now generates more than 5 percent of total electricity consumption.

“Instead of sitting back and letting this happen I’ll do my little things. I’m not going to change the world, but if there were 1,000 of me it might.” 

How one man got a small Arizona community to go solar.