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California bill to save the bees was vetoed. What happens next?

Save the bees

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Earlier this morning, California’s governor vetoed a bill to save the bees. The measure would have banned the worst uses of bee-killing pesticides called neonics.

Our state director, Laura Deehan, said this to the media, “We are disappointed that the governor chose to veto this bill to save the bees. The reality is that California needs to move with urgency to protect our pollinators.”

Where do we go from here?

In his veto message, the governor called upon his Department of Pesticide Regulation to adopt rules to regulate neonics.

Again, here’s Deehan: “The silver lining…is that in his veto message, the governor calls on his [agency] to issue rules in the coming year. Of course that lining assumes the rules will be well-crafted and have teeth. Our advocacy for pollinators will continue until the necessary protections are in place.”

In short, we’re disappointed that this bipartisan bill was vetoed, but we still have an opportunity before us in California, and we’ll keep working in multiple states to save the bees.

But for now, the list of states that have passed similar policies to restrict neonics stands at seven — Connecticut, Maryland, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

Who’s next?

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