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California says “farewell” to fluorescent lamps

Gov. Newsom signed into law a measure to protect public health and save energy by phasing out fluorescent bulbs and lamps in the Golden State.

fluorescent light bulbs

Recognizing that lighting technology has evolved in recent decades, last week California became the second state to phase out the sale of mercury-containing fluorescent bulbs and lamps.

According to the report, Farewell to Fluorescents by ACEEE and CLASP, mercury-free LED replacements for linear and compact fluorescent light bulbs are widely available and provide the same or better lighting service, longer product life, and much lower total cost.

Electricity savings from a complete transition to LED lighting would cut annual carbon dioxide emissions in 2030 by 18 million metric tons, an amount equal to the annual emissions of four million typical passenger cars.

The State of Vermont has committed to phase out CFLs by 2024, and the European Union will phase out all general-use fluorescent lamps by September 2023.

Turning up the heat in our homes shouldn’t turn up pollution

Energy efficiency

Turning up the heat in our homes shouldn’t turn up pollution

The Department of Energy has proposed the first meaningful update in over 30 years to efficiency standards for furnaces and boilers. If adopted, these standards will help reduce the pollution that’s warming our planet -- on top of lowering energy bills for millions of Americans.


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