Environmental groups to Gov. Murphy: End raids on New Jersey’s clean energy funds

We need to be financing a clean energy future — not raiding the funds that would pay for it.

Clean energy

Christian Fiore | TPIN
Environment New Jersey State Director Doug O'Malley speaks at the New Jersey State House to urge Gov. Murphy to protect the funds designed to pay for a transition to a clean energy future.

As investing in green energy grows ever more urgent, New Jersey lawmakers are dipping into the pot that would pay for the transition to a clean energy future.

This January, Environment New Jersey and other Garden State advocacy groups convened a press conference at the State House to urge New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy to stop raids on the state’s Clean Energy Fund (CEF). This press conference follows a report from this past October that found that lawmakers have raided the CEF in every budget since 2010, removing nearly $2 billion from the fund designed to finance clean energy investments and incentivize the use of renewable energy.

“Clean Energy Fund raids slow down the transition to a clean renewable energy future,” said Doug O’Malley, state director of Environment New Jersey. “It’s time to fight climate change without holding one hand behind our backs.”

For the health of our environment and our communities, we will keep advocating for the transition to a clean energy future.

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