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Mississippi acts to encourage rooftop solar

Strengthened net metering and rebate policies expand access to rooftop solar in the Magnolia State

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man installs rooftop solar panels while wind turbines spin behind him

On July 12, Mississippi adopted a net metering policy and $3500 up-front rebate that promises to bring rooftop solar within reach of more Mississippians.

The commission approved rules that will pay people at or below 250% of the federal poverty line 2 cents more per kilowatt hour of solar energy compared to the standard rate. They also provides a $3500 installation rebate for residential and retail customers who are installing more than 3 kW of solar that covers a maximum of 110% of the customer’s annual energy usage, provided that the customer intends on using at least part of that energy for self-supply. 

Encouraging rooftop solar is an essential step in reaching clean energy goals. Net metering is one of the America’s most important solar policies by allowing allows customers with rooftop solar to sell extra energy they generate back to the grid at retail rates. This makes the installation of solar more affordable and with shorter payback times.

Mississippi joins a variety of states across the political spectrum, including Florida and Nevada, with net metering policies that make it easier for everyday people to go solar. Though net metering is still contentious in some states, lawmakers across the country are increasingly recognizing the commonsense value and widespread benefits of adopting net metering policies and other initiatives that encourage the expansion of rooftop solar. 

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