Plastic-Free Washington coalition hosts litter cleanups in local communities

In total, seven communities across the state held plastic cleanup events (rain or shine).

Sara Holzknect, Oceana | Used by permission
Environment Washington Advocate Pam Clough (front, first on right) joined 40 Seattle residents to pick up trash and talk with Washingtonians about how we can prevent plastic pollution in the first place.

With countless wildlife, waterways and open spaces threatened by plastic pollution, it’s clear curbing this crisis must truly be a team effort.

On Oct. 22, Environment Washington and our partners in the Plastic-Free Washington coalition rallied with supporters and local advocates in seven different communities across the Evergreen State to clean up litter — and to about how we can prevent plastic pollution in the first place.

“I especially want to thank state Sen. Christine Rolfes and state Rep. Liz Berry for their steadfast work to end plastic pollution — whether it be helping pass laws to ban the worst single-use plastics, or attending a cleanup event to help rid our open spaces of plastic litter,” said Environment Washington Advocate Pam Clough.

Thanks in large part to our advocacy and our supporters, Washington now boasts statewide bans on plastic shopping bags and single-use polystyrene foam products. Now, we’re working for a law that will make plastic producers financially responsible for cleaning up their mess.


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