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Reconnecting habitats of elk, pronghorn, deer and more

New funding announced by the Biden administration will restore migration paths

Tom Koerner, USFWS | Public Domain
Pronghorn in Wyoming sage-steppe

Mule deer, pronghorn and elk migrate up to 150 miles “surfing the green wave” in the spring and summer and sheltering from storms in the winter. These seasonal migrations are critical to the species, but the wildlife following these historic routes also must navigate a treacherous gauntlet of highways and roads. 

This week the Department of Interior announced new funding for wildlife crossings and connectivity to help protect these key migration paths. 

Deputy Secretary Tommy Beaudreau committed nearly $4 million in grants along with $9.2 million in matching contributions for 13 projects in nine states that will help secure migration paths, ensure safer highway crossings for the wildlife, and reconnect habitats. The grants are made possible through the Improving Habitat Quality in Western Big Game Migration Corridors and Habitat Connectivity program established by a past secretarial order. 

We applaud this investment and support expanding this program to more species and more areas of the United States. 

Susan Holmes

Former Director, Save America’s Wildlife Campaign, Environment America

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