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Bill to slash solar red tape clears California Assembly committee

Today, a key committee in the California Assembly passed Senate Bill 379, which requires cities to adopt automated solar permitting. 

Obtaining a permit to install solar can take days, weeks, or even months in some parts of the country, and can be a complex and costly process. New legislation sponsored by California State Senator Scott Weiner, which just passed a key committee in the State Assembly, aims to fix that by requiring cities to adopt automated solar permitting.

Currently, 16 jurisdictions use the Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Solar Automated Permit Processing (SolarAPP+) platform, which provides cities and counties with free automated plan review, permit approval and tracking for solar projects. 

Automated permitting for solar and other clean energy technologies promises to help more Americans power their homes with clean renewable energy.

More rooftop solar, less red tape

Solar power

More rooftop solar, less red tape

In many communities, it can take days, weeks or even months to get a straightforward rooftop solar installation approved. It doesn't need to be this way.

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