Energy Conservation & Efficiency

Veto hurts Floridians’ efforts to save energy

Saving energy and money just got harder in the Sunshine State

Heat Pump Installation
Floridians will miss out on rebates for energy-efficient AC and heating.

As Floridians crank up the AC to beat the summer heat, Gov. Ron DeSantis blocked the state from receiving nearly $350 million in funding for energy efficiency programs. The funds from the Inflation Reduction Act would have provided rebates for Floridians to get more energy-efficient appliances and retrofit their homes to save energy and money.

Saving energy at home often requires upfront costs. DeSantis’ veto means Floridians won’t get the help residents of other states would in sealing leaks, upgrading their AC and other home energy improvements. And because the cleanest energy is the energy we don’t use in the first place, his action will result in more pollution.

Tell your governor: We should go big on clean energy, including helping people save energy at home.

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