31 days for the environment: A countdown to 2021

Join Environment America in counting down the final days of 2020 with daily activities to celebrate and explore nature.

Megan Severson

So many of us have turned to nature this year to help us cope with the stress of living through a pandemic. Whether watching a bird on our windowsill or taking a walk through a nearby park, kids and adults alike have found joy in experiencing the natural world, learning more about the planet and figuring out ways to protect it.

As we look to 2021 with hope for the future, let’s make the most of the waning days of 2020. Here is a daily countdown of 31 activities to celebrate nature.

  1. Use recycled materials to make a paper chain to countdown to 2021!

  2. Spend 5 minutes observing nature in your neighborhood. Share what you observe with us on social media using #natureintheneighborhood.

  1. Put up the Greener Together window sign

  2. Watch The Story of Stuff and clean out your junk drawer.

  3. Make a reusable bag from old t-shirts.  

  4. Shop for holiday gifts at the Environment America campaign store

  5. Make art inspired by the nature you observe in your neighborhood.

  6. Start reading a book about nature. For inspiration check out the list of Environment America staff picks or our nature themed children’s book recommendations.

  7. Join Conservation Conversations to celebrate conservation of caribou.

  8. Create a self-portrait out of leaves, sticks and other foraged materials

  9. Spend time watching ocean live streams

  10. Add your name to the ocean based climate solutions act petition

  11. Make a holiday gift out of upcycled materials.

  12. Play nature in the neighborhood BINGO

  13. Make snowflakes out of recycled paper to decorate your windows.

  14. Join us in urging Procter & Gamble to stop using virgin wood to create tissue products

  15. Make leaf rubbings to brighten up a card for one of your loved ones.

  16. Color one of the Greener Together coloring pages

  17. Watch one of our recommended nature films

  18. Regift instead of buying new.

  19. Help protect marine life from the dangers of oil spills

  20. Make art inspired by your favorite animals in need greater protections, such as bees, sea turtles and orcas.

  21. Make a homemade bird feeder.

  22. Start composting.

  23. Try to repair a broken toy, gadget or a picture frame, there are instructions to fix anything on YouTube. Discuss how repair cuts waste while you fix your item.

  24. Experience faraway nature from your computer.

  25. Write a poem about your favorite place in nature.

  26. Make a plan for your 2021 bee-friendly garden

  27. Add your name to the call for more nature.

  28. Share your environmental resolution for 2021 with us.


Megan Severson