Environmental Action Series: Photo Petitions

Two VCU students holding I love clean transportation signs

Transportation is Virginia’s #1 source of carbon pollution. We cannot avoid the worst impacts of climate change without changing the way we get around. In this legislative session, we have the opportunity to become the next state to adopt the Advanced Clean Cars program. This program will give Virginians access to electric vehicles while reducing the pollution that comes from our cars.

We are collecting photo petitions to deliver to our elected officials in support of advanced clean car standards. Photo petitions are a highly effective grassroots tool for building a buzz and presenting public support behind an issue. Sharing photos in support of a cause creates a bigger impact because it puts a face to the fight, in this case the fight for clean cars.

We’re asking each of you to join us by submitting photo petitions on the issue. You can even engage your loved ones at home by making posters and taking pictures with your friends, family, or even your pets!

How to Make Your Photo Petition:

1. Make your poster – feel free to get creative! Here’s some language you can use:

    • I’m ready for destination zero carbon

    • It’s time to plug in for the planet

    • I

    • I support Advanced Clean Cars

    • We need to act on climate!

    • #PassAdvancedCleanCars

    2. Take pictures with your poster. See samples below!

    3. Submit your photo petitions to our Campaign Associate, Brenna, at [email protected]

    4. Bonus points: Share your photo petitions to social media!

    Thank you so much for your activism for the environment! Check out other tactics and register for furture actions here

    Person holding I Love Clean Cars photo petition

    Person holding I Love Clean Cars photo petition

    Man holding I Love Clean Cars photo petition

    Person holding I Love Clean Cars photo petition

    Note: All photos were taken pre-pandemic. Environment Virginia suspended all in person work in March 2020. 


    Elly Boehmer

    State Director, Environment Virginia

    A former canvass director and organizer with Impact, Elly now directs Environment Virginia's efforts to promote clean air, clean water and open spaces in Virginia. Elly lives in Richmond, Virginia, where she enjoys gardening, photography, hiking and rollerblading with her dog.