Statement on Governor McAuliffe Inauguration

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Sarah Bucci

Environment Virginia

Richmond, VA – Today, Terry McAuliffe was sworn in as Virginia’s 72nd governor and delivered his inaugural address in Capitol Square. Sarah Bucci, Campaign Director of Environment Virginia, responded with the following statement:

“From the George Washington National Forest to the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia’s natural beauty enriches our lives. Yet, across the commonwealth, our water, air and special places are at risk from overdevelopment and pollution. And our new governor understands that threat to Virginia from climate change as we witness rising sea levels in Virginia’s coast and destruction from extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy.

“We are counting on Governor McAuliffe to lead on tackling climate change by addressing the issue in his public statements and policy decisions and taking bold steps to reduce Virginia’s carbon emissions through clean energy solutions like wind, solar and energy efficiency and continuing to support action by the U.S. Environmental Protections Agency to limit carbon pollution from power plants.

“We must protect special places like the George Washington National Forest, a favorite for Virginians to hike, camp and fish, from the risk of dangerous gas drilling. We urge Governor McAuliffe to continue his commitment to oppose fracking in the GW. And we must restore Virginia’s rivers and streams and the Chesapeake Bay so that all our waterways are clean and healthy.

“We look forward to working with the McAuliffe administration to protect Virginia’s environment for future generations.”