Statement: Virginia House of Delegates votes to establish Advanced Clean Car Standards

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Environment Virginia

Richmond, VA — Today, the Virginia House of Delegates voted 55 to 44 to pass Del. Lamont Bagby’s bill (HB 1965) to establish Advanced Clean Car Standards in Virginia. The program works to set a low-emissions vehicle (LEV) regulation and a zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) regulation. The LEV regulation works to reduce smog-forming pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from our cars. The ZEV regulation works to ensure more electric vehicles are manufactured and sold in Virginia. The bill will now head to the Senate for action. 

Elly Boehmer, state director of Environment Virginia issued the following statement: 

In Virginia, transportation accounts for 48 percent of our carbon emissions. Light-duty vehicles — including cars, pickups and SUVs — are the biggest contributors to the problem. This is why Advanced Clean Car Standards are so essential in Virginia’s work to combat climate change. The program would bring clean vehicles to Virginia and significantly reduce carbon emissions. 

Last year, Virginia became the seventh state to commit to 100% clean energy with the passing of the Virginia Clean Economy Act. Advanced Clean Car Standards would double down on this achievement and solidify Virginia’s role as a climate leader. 

We thank Del. Bagby for championing this bill and the Virginia House of Delegates for advancing this critical climate bill to the Senate.