Beyond plastic

Tell major food distributor Sysco to cut out single-use plastic packaging

Rich Carey |

Most plastic packaging, such as the kind used by Sysco and other major players in the food industry, is used once and then tossed — ultimately polluting our oceans, rivers and lands. In fact, it’s estimated that 11 million tons of plastic are spewed into the ocean every year, killing over 1 million marine animals annually.

Less than 10% of plastic gets recycled — which means if we’re going to meaningfully address this problem, we need to stop using so much of this unnecessary, throwaway plastic in the first place.

Currently, Sysco does not report any information about its plastic footprint and has not set any comprehensive goals for reducing its plastic use. But 92% of Sysco shareholders just voted for the company to substantially reduce its plastic packaging and be more transparent about the materials it uses. We, the undersigned, agree. Please act quickly to cut out single-use plastic packaging from your operations.