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Tell President Biden: Cancel the leases in the Arctic Refuge

Steven Chase, USFWS | Public Domain

President Biden,

Seismic testing disrupts endangered polar bears in their dens and birds in their nests and the heavy vehicles crush sensitive plants. The coastal plain of the refuge is the calving ground of the porcupine caribou herd and the annual destination for nearly a million migratory birds. It should be permanently protected from oil drilling. We cannot let this unique treasure be trampled by “thumper trucks” and then drilled for oil. But that’s exactly what could happen if AIDEA gets to keep their leases in the Arctic Refuge.

Your Bureau of Land Management has concluded that the Trump administration’s version of the coastal plain drilling program lacked the proper environmental review. The Department of the Interior never should have held the lease sale in January 2021.

Please put an end to these Trump-era drilling leases and cancel the leases in the Arctic Refuge.

Thank you,


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