Nuclear power risks

There's no reason to accept the risks or high costs of nuclear power, given the abundance of renewable energy that is cleaner, safer and more affordable than nuclear.

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Crossover: 2024 legislative update

Beyond plastic

Crossover: 2024 legislative update

Crossover is when all the bills passed in the Senate go to the House and all the bills that passed the House go to the Senate. Our crossover update features the status of many of our priorities to protect Virginia's air, water and environment.

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Hurricane season coverage: Data, resources and interview opportunities

Toxic threats

Hurricane season coverage: Data, resources and interview opportunities

The 2019 hurricane season officially gets underway tomorrow (June 1) with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicting between 4 and 8 hurricanes this year. On the heels of the devastating Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael in 2018, The Public Interest Network (which includes U.S. PIRG, Environment America, and state groups in often-impacted states such as Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia) is sharing information to help contextualize the major environmental, health and consumer concerns posed by the hurricanes that will inevitably come this season.

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Our wild planet is calling on you this Earth Day

From buzzing bees to howling wolves, and from ancient forests to sprawling coastlines, our natural world is a gift that keeps on giving. Will you donate today to help keep it that way?