Bipartisan support for reducing plastic pollution

Virginians care about our wildlife and special places. The best way to keep plastic out of our environment is by not having it there to begin with. In a poll by Clean Virginia Waterways, there is strong bipartisan support for many plastic pollution solutions.

PickPik | Public Domain

Virginians share a love for our wildlife and beautiful landscapes. Plastic pollution is a threat to both which is why so many Virginians support plastic reduction policies that put wildlife over waste and keep our environment litter free. 

Clean Virginia Waterways conducted a statewide poll on several solutions to the plastic pollution crisis and one thing was clear: there is bipartisan support for our priority policy solutions

Top bipartisan plastic pollution solutions

  1. Require less plastic in packaging- 76% of Virginians support
  2. Manufacturers pay for recycling- 71% of Virginians support
  3. Beverage deposit program (Bottle Bill)- 65% of Virginians support
  4. 50 cent cigarette fee to litter tax- 64% of Virginians support
  5. Ban foam cups and take out containers- 63% of Virginians support

We have been going door to door all summer to call on our leaders to shift the responsibility of plastic waste to producers and have seen firsthand how supportive Virginians are. This polling by Clean Virginia Waterways reinforces the need to require manufacturers to reduce their plastic waste and for them to consider post consumer waste when designing products. By shifting this burden, producers will design products that last longer, are less likely to be littered and that can ultimately be recycled or composted sustainably. 

You can see the full survey here.


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