How to plan a zero waste camping trip

Next time you go camping don’t just take in the views. Do nature a favor and give zero waste camping a try. 

Elly Boehmer Wilson | Used by permission

Summer is a great time to enjoy nature and go camping. Virginia offers many excellent places for camping including Virginia Beach, Shenandoah National Park, and Grayson Highlands State Park. Camping gives us an opportunity to really connect with nature and experience Virginia’s beauty. It is important that we help preserve this environment and its wildlife.

One way that we can do that while celebrating Plastic Free July is by producing less waste that is polluting and harming Virginia. Next time you go camping don’t just take in the views. Do nature a favor and give zero waste camping a try. 

1. Bring reusable water bottles:

Water is necessary for camping. Instead of packing a case of plastic water bottles, bring reusable water bottles to fill up at the campsite. If there is not a place to fill up at, bring a water jug. 

2. Avoid packaged foods:

While it is convenient to bring packaged foods, they create a lot of waste. Instead buy unpackaged fruits and vegetables. Bring your own reusable containers to the grocery store to get bulk nuts and deli items. Leftovers can be stored in reusable containers. There is no need to bring plastic bags, tin foil, or plastic wrap. 

3. Pack dishes from home:

Do not bring plastic plates, cups, or cutlery. Pack dishes and silverware from your home or invest in some for camping. Remember to bring cloths for rinsing everything off. 

4. Do not leave anything behind:

Make sure to take everything that you brought back home with you. Bring containers for any garbage you may have.

Creating less waste is rewarding. Plastic pollution is hurting wildlife, littering our lands, and it is negatively impacting our health. Try going zero waste on your next camping trip!

staff | Used by permission

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