Environment Massachusetts member Catherine Farrell

We need to preserve our planet for future generations

Catherine Farrell
Member, Environment Massachusetts

I live in Arlington, Massachusetts, and I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, running, biking and kayaking. I’m also a political activist. I’ve worked on environmental issues since the first Earth Day in 1970. I was inspired to go to law school, and my first legal job was as an attorney with the Environmental Protection Agency. I support Environment Massachusetts because I believe the goal of 100% clean energy is a reachable one. Protecting monarch butterflies is also important to me, and I grow milkweed for monarchs in my urban garden. I have grandchildren, a newborn and a two-year old. I often wonder about what kind of world I’m leaving for them. We need to preserve our planet for future generations.

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Our wild planet is calling on you this Earth Day

From buzzing bees to howling wolves, and from ancient forests to sprawling coastlines, our natural world is a gift that keeps on giving. Will you donate today to help keep it that way?