Environment Texas member Barbara Grace Vinson

Why I continue to support Environment Texas

Barbara Grace Vinson
Member, Environment Texas

Many years ago, I was approached outside of a Half Price Books in South Austin by an Environment Texas volunteer to sign a petition about Texas resource protection. I gladly signed the petition and made a small donation to become a member. I feel centered, open to the wonder and joyfully present, when I am in nature. With a big dose of nature daily, I’m a better person. And Texas’ stunningly beautiful lands are our nation’s and our children’s invaluable heritage. They must be protected from constant assault by individuals, the state, and corporations. All Americans need clean water, clean air, accessibility to the beauty of nature and our public lands to explore and enjoy. I continue to support Environment Texas because of the effectiveness of the organization over a wide area of issues, both statewide and nationally, that I believe are essential for all citizens’ health and well-being.