Extreme weather and extreme urgency: It’s time to defend the climate

Sign our pledge to take action and become a Climate Defender today.

Image: Pixabay, CC0

The American West is on fire, east coast and midwest communities are facing major flooding, and southern states are being battered with hurricanes. The climate crisis is here, and it’s time to stop fiddling around while our planet becomes hotter, our forests burn, and more lives and homes are lost.

Our leaders haven’t done enough to slow global warming, not by a long shot. Given the power of the fossil fuel industry and the influence of climate deniers, we know that our leaders will only do more if the public demands it. 

That’s why we’re doubling down on our pledge to do all we can to slow the warming of the planet that is making extreme weather events more frequent and more dangerous across the country. 

And we’re inviting all of our supporters to join us in this commitment by becoming Climate Defenders and pledging to take action. 

As a Climate Defender, you will be joining with thousands of people to make your voices heard on climate by pledging to take 10 actions in 10 weeks — actions designed to get our states and country to stop more burning of fossil fuels, speed the transition to clean and renewable energy, and give nature the time it needs to heal. We will send you an email with everything you need to know and the tools you need to act. You make the difference.

This cannot be our new normal. The time to act boldly and swiftly on climate is here. If not now, when? If not us, who? 

Join Climate Defenders, sign the pledge and help give the planet a chance.