Victory for orcas: Legislature funds key recovery effort

To save the last remaining orcas, we need to save their food source. Now, we’re one step closer.

On April 28, the last day of the legislative session, the Washington State Legislature approved $750,000 to establish a process for local, state, tribal and federal leaders and stakeholders to address issues associated with restoring the Lower Snake River by removing the dams. Removing the dams would help the Chinook salmon populations recover, and replenish a vital food source for the critically endangered Southern Resident orcas, of which there are only 75 remaining.

“Bringing together stakeholders and addressing community needs is an important step in the process as we work to save our orcas and salmon,” said Environment Washington State Director Bruce Speight. “If we don’t act fast to boost Chinook salmon populations, we could lose our orcas forever.”

This summer we’re putting boots on the ground to generate public support to save our orcas and restore the Lower Snake River.

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Photo: A Southern Resident orca and her calf. Credit: Public Domain