Washingtonians Against Waste: Activists fighting plastic pollution featured in new site

An activist collection of stories made to inspire.

Mandy Apa

What do a state legislator, an artist, a student, and a scientist have in common? They’re among the activists of Washington who have shared their passion and stories of action to reduce plastic pollution on our new website, WashingtoniansAgainstWaste.com.

“It’s inspiring to see Washingtonians take responsibility for the environment by using public policy, art, research, and innovation to solve the problem of plastic waste,” said Environment Washington Campaign Associate Mandy Apa. 

Environment Washington launched the project to share the stories of Washingtonians from all walks of life who are acting to tackle one thing: plastic pollution. The collection ranges from artist, Karen Hackenberg, using her underlying concern for wildlife by portraying plastics that she finds on the beach into her paintings, to Representative Joe Fitzgibbon, who championed the first plastic bag bill ban in Washington back in 2011.

Environment Washington started the project hoping it will inspire other Washingtonians to learn more about plastic pollution in the Pacific Northwest and to take action. You can find the stories of these inspiring Washingtonians at WashingtoniansAgainstWaste.com.


Mandy Apa

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