Statement: Clean cars rollback will worsen climate crisis

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Josh Chetwynd

Morgan Hayward

Former Director, Destination: Zero Carbon, Environment America

Environment America

PHILADELPHIA — The Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expected Tuesday to finalize the rule that will rewrite the federal clean car standards. The program was initially set to double fuel economy and would have cut global warming pollution in half for cars sold in 2025. The weaker standards will set back climate progress and could result in more than 900 million additional metric tons of global warming pollution in our atmosphere. 

Morgan Folger, clean cars campaign director for Environment America, issued the following statement: 

“As the unprecedented public health crisis caused by the novel coronavirus worsens, the Trump administration is nevertheless weakening clean car standards that protect our climate, our health and the future of our children and grandchildren. 

“The administration’s action on this issue is an abandonment of science, reason and responsibility. It’s also unlawful, which is why we’re considering legal action just like the two lawsuits that we’ve already joined challenging part one of the rollback in court. When the coronavirus crisis subsides, the climate crisis will still be with us and will continue to accelerate every day that we postpone proactive measures. The administration should focus its energy on protecting the health and well-being of Americans.”