Washington joins ranks of states committed to 100% clean electricity

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Gov. Inslee signs broad package of bills, cementing state as climate leader

Environment Washington

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Gov. Jay Inslee today signed a package of climate-related bills, including Washington’s 100% Clean Electricity Bill (E2SSB 5116) into law. The bill requires utilities to obtain 100 percent of their electricity from carbon-free energy sources by 2045 and designates renewable sources as the preferred option for meeting the clean energy standard.

The new law also eliminates coal-powered electricity from the grid by 2025 and requires utilities to be 80 percent carbon-free by 2030. The governor also signed bills to increase building and appliance efficiency, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from both vehicles and appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners.

Environment Washington Director Bruce Speight issued the following statement about the new law:

“With the passage of these bills, Washington is proving that where there’s a will to do something about climate change, there are several ways. The 100% Clean Energy Bill, paired with energy efficiency and clean transportation measures, will clean up our air and water. Washington will not only be a healthier place to live, but it will also show other states a pathway to a clean energy future.

“We thank Governor Inslee and his staff, Reps. Gael Tarleton and Joe Fitzgibbon and Sens. Reuven Carlyle and Guy Palumbo for their leadership and hard work in bringing this bill across the finish line. We are eager to work with state leaders to ensure that the targets in this bill are met with truly clean, renewable energy. We also look forward to building on this victory by committing to clean, renewable energy in other sectors and advancing 100 percent clean transportation across Washington.

“The passage of this bill makes Washington State the fourth state to pass 100 percent clean energy legislation, joining Hawaii, California and New Mexico. Several cities and counties in Washington are among the national trend-setters who already have committed to 100 renewable energy plans. Edmonds set the pace nearly two years ago, and since then,  Whatcom County, Bellingham, Spokane, Snohomish County, the city of Snohomish and Everett have followed suit. They are among more than 100 U.S. cities and counties that have committed to generating 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources.

“Major corporations, including Seattle-based Starbucks and Redmond-based Microsoft, are taking actions as well. Each of those companies has committed to a future powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

“Public and private leaders agree that fossil fuels are dinosaurs and renewables are the future, and that’s great news for our health, our environment and our children.”


Environment Washington is a statewide, membership-based environmental advocacy organization. www.environmentwashington.org.