Advocates & organizers call on Amazon to cut back on plastic packaging

One week before Amazon's annual shareholder meeting, organizers and volunteers call on the company to reduce plastic packaging in its U.S. shipments

Environment Washington Research & Policy Center's Pam Clough delivered tens of thousands of petition signatures to Amazon with WashPIRG student volunteers, calling on the worlds largest e-commerce company to reduce plastic packaging in U.S. shipments.

Today, Environment Washington Research & Policy Center Advocate Pam Clough joined WashPIRG student volunteers and Oceana canvassers outside Amazon headquarters in Seattle to call on the e-commerce company to reduce plastic packaging in its U.S. shipments.

Next week, Amazon will hold their annual meeting, in which shareholders will vote on a resolution that would require Amazon to develop a plan to reduce plastic waste.  In addition to raising awareness about this upcoming vote, we asked employees to pledge to vote “yes” on this resolution and delivered a petition to Amazon with 41,569 signatures, asking the company to reduce their use of plastic packaging in the U.S. shipments.

Amazon has already committed to stop using single-use plastic in shipments within Germany and India, and there are alternatives to single-use plastic film available now. It’s possible for Amazon to phase out single-use packaging now, and we urge the company to take stong action to make that happen.  

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