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Seattle Times ad praises progress on clean energy homes

Environment Washington joined other organizations on Seattle Times ad thanking the Washington State Code Council for its leadership on clean energy homes.

Clean Building advocates celebrate climate friendly updates to Washington State building codes
Joelle Robinson | Used by permission
Environment Washington Advocate Pam Clougha and Joelle Robinson of Climate solutions celebrate climate friendly updates to Washington State building codes
The Washington State Building Code Council voted on November 4 to pass residential energy code updates, including requirements for heat pump space and water heating systems, and stricter ventilation for gas stoves.
To celebrate this accomplishment and thank the State Building Code Council, Environment Washington joined our many coalition partners on this campaign in placing a print ad in today’s Seattle Times thanking the Code Council for their leadership on clean energy homes.
“Hello, healthier, more efficient, and less expensive homes!” said Pam Clough, advocate for Environment Washington.
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