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Where does our trash go?

A reflection on a day at the landfill

Pam Clough | Used by permission

Earlier this month, we had an opportunity to tour Cedar Hills Landfill in Maple Valley, WA.  Visiting this 920 acre landfill, about 40 minutes outside of Seattle, really shined a light on where our trash goes after we throw something “away” in a trash bin.

Read about the experience and reflections on how we can produce less waste here.

Cedar Hills Landfill is the destination for most King County, WA resident's garbage outside of Seattle, or for about 1.5 million people.  It's operated since 1965, and at the current rate of trash accumulation (about 3000 tons of trash per day), it is projected to fill up by 2040. Pam Clough | Used by permission
This landfill tips about 160 loads of trash per day, or ~3000 tons per day. Pam Clough | Used by permission
This pictured area will eventually be completely filled with garbage. Pamela Clough | Used by permission
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