“Losing salmon would be unfathomable.”

Blaire Englebrecht
Policy and Boating Programs Manager, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance

Whether on the water patrolling the Puget Sound or working on policies from her office, Blair Englebrecht is working to ensure that the Sound is a safe and pollution-free environment for our orca and salmon populations. She grew up in Colorado, and despite living in a landlocked state felt a deep connection with the water; snorkeling since she was four and scuba diving since she was 11. During her time in Oahu, Hawaii, working as a diving instructor, she witnessed the degradation of the reefs there and later in Port Canaveral, Florida seeing permit compliance violations being covered up, made her staunchly committed to ensuring that our waterways are protected.

When asked about the plight of Chinook salmon and the endangered Southern Resident orcas that depend on these fish, she stated, “The loss of any species is devastating no matter what it is, but losing salmon would be—for the entire ecosystem—unfathomable. It feels very urgent and real and like it could happen tomorrow.”


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