Voices for Electric Vehicles

Every individual has a different perspective and role in our community: from public officials, educators, and community leaders, to bus drivers, business owners and artists. Here are a couple of their stories about why they support the transition to zero carbon transportation. 

Sarah Jennings

Our Destination Zero Carbon campaign is highlighting electric vehicle owners and enthusasts who want to see Wisconsin transition to zero carbon transportation and help protect the future of our environment. Many of the people who have shared their stories own electric vehicles or want to invest in clean energy to reduce carbon pollution. 


Lynn Markham lives in Stevens Point, WI and drives a Chevy Volt. Her story begins by explaining her personal experience working at an oil company and how she decided not to support those companies by committing to more sustainable practices. One of those commitments was to buy an electric car that was right for her. Click here to hear Lynn’s story!


Adam is a nurse practitioner and young sustainable influencer. In the future Adam wants to see all American homes become self-sustainable. He made the commitment to buy a Tesla because one day he wants to own a house with an electric charging unit. Click here to learn more about Adam’s journey! 

 If you would like to contribute your personal experience with electric transportation, please email Sarah at [email protected].


Sarah Jennings

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