Wisconsin joins U.S. Climate Alliance

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State’s commitment swells numbers covered by effort to nearly 50 percent of U.S. population

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Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers announced today that his state will join the bipartisan governors’ coalition U.S. Climate Alliance. The announcement brings the U.S. population represented by affiliated states to just under 50 percent. Wisconsin became the fourth state in recent weeks to join the alliance. Illinois, New Mexico and Michigan also recently committed to the coalition’s commitment to fighting climate change.

Wisconsin Environment’s Director Megan Severson issued the following statement:

“We are proud to become the 21st state to join the U.S. Climate Alliance and declare to the world that Wisconsin takes climate change seriously and is determined to make a real difference with commonsense, on-the-ground solutions like solar and wind energy. We commend the governor for taking this bold action to give the people of Wisconsin a healthy, clean and vibrant future for their kids and grandkids. We look forward to supporting Gov. Evans and other state leaders as they work on strategies and policies to transition our transportation and energy systems to clean renewable energy.”

Environment America’s Senior Director of Global Warming Solutions Andrea McGimsey issued the following statement:

“With 20 new governors taking office this year, we are seeing increasing recognition that climate change is a real and present challenge. We are grateful to the governors of Illinois, New Mexico, Michigan, and now Wisconsin, who have stepped up this year to make strong commitments to cut carbon pollution from the burning of dirty fossil fuels.”

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