Last week, we got another step closer to 100% renewable energy when energy officials from around the world gathered to discuss greater collaboration on clean energy. 

Coming Soon: A 100 Percent Renewable Commute

By | Rob Sargent
Energy Program Director

The daily commute for some 2.2 million Chileans just got greener. Santiago’s Metro system announced plans to become the first subway system powered mostly by solar energy. Running a large transit system on renewable energy is a major breakthrough and an inspiring example for others to replicate.  

River otter, today’s your special day

By | Russell Bassett
Clean Water Digital Campaigner

It’s International River Otter Awareness Day! Here are five reasons we appreciate these amazing creatures.

Recent Renewable Milestones Show The Promise, Possibility of Going 100%

By | Ross Sherman
Digital Campaigner, Clean Energy

If you’re like us and follow renewable energy closely, the past few weeks have been nothing short of astonishing. Whether for several hours or in some cases days, a handful of European countries experienced periods of time where they needed only renewable energy to cover all or most of their energy needs.