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EPA prevents the Pebble Mine

Brown bear eating a salmon.

The Bristol Bay region of Alaska can breath a sigh of relief because, after a couple decades of work, the EPA has used authority from the Clean Water Act to effectively prevent the proposed Pebble Mine. 

This is a significant victory for the environment. The region is home to iconic wildlife including salmon, brown bears, seals, walruses, birds, and more. All of that abundance would have been put at risk if the Pebble Mine had opened. The project included an open-pit the size of Manhattan, construction of new roads, and a new pipeline.

Over the last two decades, Americans have submitted over 4 million comments opposing the Pebble Mine. The headwaters of Bristol Bay are a bad place for a mine, and this EPA decision is a long-awaited win for the wildlife, the region, and Alaskans.

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