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Make a public comment: Protect Western Colorado from mining and drilling

Staff | Used by permission
Dolores River

Dear Greg Larson, Manager, Upper Colorado River District,

Re: DOI-BLM-CO-G020-2022-0001-RMP-EIS

Thank you for proposing a new management plan for public lands in western Colorado. The area contains some of the most popular recreation opportunities and picturesque landscapes in the United States, such as Dolores River Canyon Country, Book Cliffs, Grand Hogback and Castle Peak. It is also home to the famed Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, native trout in rivers and endangered species such as the humpback chub.

Oil and gas leasing on these lands would harm the wildlife and their habitat and would interfere with recreational activities from rafting to hiking and camping.

We strongly urge you to adopt Alternative F to prevent oil and gas drilling on approximately 1.8 million acres of public lands. This plan will preserve a beautiful landscape for generations to come.


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