Clean Energy Revolution?


President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, released last week, has the ability to revolutionize the way we power our lives – which is a very good thing, as the threat of severe ecological and economic hardship poised by climate change becomes more apparent by the day.

Clean energy solutions like solar, wind, and energy efficiency are the best ways to assure that the goals of the CPP are met. For decades, one of the most prohibitive factor blocking the widespread instillation these solutions has been the cost. Technological advancement has been gradually chipping away at this issue, and affordability in sustainable energy has momentously increased for the average American.

Obama and the EPA just took another step to assure the entire nation can institute clean energy and efficiency solutions. The EPA's Clean Energy Incentive Programs[1] – as a part of the Clean Power Plan – would give states extra credit for putting wind, solar, and low income energy efficiency programs upfront in their Clean Power Plan, and prioritize accessibility for low income communities.

Solar, wind, and energy saving measures are critical to altering the course of our energy consumption away from power plants that harm our health and wreak havoc on our environment and climate. We all know in order to tackle the climate crisis we must accelerate our shift away from pollution fossil fuels.

The Clean Power Plan is a historic step toward reducing our carbon pollution and will decrease emissions 32 percent below 2005 levels in the next 15 years. The Clean Energy Incentive Program will encourage states to prioritize pollution-free solar and wind energy, along with energy saving measures for low income households. This will give a boost to the cleanest energy options and discourages states from taking the easy way out and building polluting gas plants. It's crucial we make sure that all citizens have access to clean renewable sources of energy. We must continue to transform our energy system to one that protects our health, environment, and future.

These policies won't be implemented without your help.

Tell the EPA you support their plan to put pollution-free solar, wind, and energy efficiency first.

Together, we can protect what matters most.