A year ago, only one state had committed to 100 percent clean energy. Six months ago, there were two. Now there are six.

In June, Maine and New York became the latest states to pass laws committing to 100 percent zero-carbon electricity, joining Hawaii (2015), California (2018), New Mexico (March) and Washington State (May). Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., have made similar commitments.

"Within less than a year, four states have said, 'If California can do it, so can we,'" said Rob Sargent, director of our national network's 100% Renewable Energy campaign. "We're urging decision-makers across the country to join the 100 percent renewable movement and put the United States back on the world map as a climate leader."

Our network helped win the laws in California, New Mexico, Washington and Maine. We're also advocating for 100 percent renewable energy laws in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota.

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Photo: Maine Gov. Janet Mills signs a bill making her state the sixth to commit to 100% clean energy. Credit: Corey Fenders