On February 20th, a group of 45 city and state decision makers and clean energy advocates joined us for our webinar, “What a Solar Homes Policy Could do for Your Community.” Environment America’s Go Solar Campaign Director Bret Fanshaw summarized the findings of our recent report, Solar Homes: The Next Step for Clean Energy. Representatives from the California Solar and Storage Association and the City of South Miami, Florida, then spoke to their communities’ successes in making solar the default on new construction through statewide and municipal Solar Homes policies, respectively.

“Every roof without solar is a missed opportunity, and the most effective time to install solar is when workers are already on the roof. So, this policy just makes sense,” said Fanshaw. “To take advantage of the many benefits of residential solar energy, state and local governments should require solar energy adoption during new home construction.”

“What I’m seeing now is a nationwide movement building,” added Dr. Philip Stoddard, the Mayor of South Miami. “That’s really given me some optimism that we’ll be able to make changes, not just in some of the the special locations that we talked about today, but really see some improvements across the country.”