windmills in field
WestBoundary Photography / Chris Gill

It’s time for our country to conserve more energy, use the energy we do have more wisely and efficiently, and rely only on sources of energy that are clean, renewable and leave less environmental damage in their wake.

Environment America is working to urge campuses, cities and states to lead the way to 100% renewable power, make strong commitments to solar, and harness the abundant wind power off our coasts.


Groups urge EPA and Army Corps to restore nation’s clean water protections

Environment America Research & Policy Center’s Clean Water Network delivered support from nearly 100 groups Monday to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers urging federal policymakers to officiallyrescind the Trump administration's Navigable Waters Protection Rule (also known as the ‘Dirty Water Rule’) and restore protections for our nation’s waterways. In addition, Environment America Research & Policy Center and Environmental Action submitted 18,316 comments from their individual members on this issue.

Environment California highlights why we should celebrate bees this holiday season

 With the holiday season upon us, Environment California outlined the many contributions that bees make toward the traditional holiday meal. The advocates are also raising awareness of the decline in these essential pollinators across the country. 

Scientists and academics support new sanctuary along the California coast

“Public comments from marine experts offer a clear message: Protections work and are the right thing to do to safeguard vital biodiversity,” said Environment California Research & Policy Center Oceans Associate Meghan Hurley.