Wind power

Making Offshore Wind a Reality

11:00 am - 12:00pm PST


Tom Buysse |
Join experts on offshore wind power from across the country to learn more about how to make offshore wind a reality in your state.

America produced enough wind energy in 2021 to power 35 million homes, and we’re just getting started. Many states have ample potential to harness offshore wind’s power.

In this policy briefing webinar, learn more about legislation to catalyze offshore wind and set ambitious planning goals. Speakers will include chair of the California Energy Commission, David Hochschild, to discuss California’s experience with offshore wind legislation and planning, and executive director of Turn Forward, Stephanie McClellan, to discuss offshore wind progress and opportunities across the country.

Join us to learn more about steps needed to make offshore wind a reality in your state and what’s next for offshore wind in the U.S.


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