Statement: Gov. Newsom signs Offshore Wind and Jobs Act

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Governor helps California go big on offshore wind energy with port upgrades

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Governor Gavin Newsom on Saturday signed AB 3, the Offshore Wind and Jobs Act, which will create a plan to upgrade California’s ports for offshore wind energy development. Environment California sponsored AB 3, which was authored by Assemblymember Rick Zbur.

For California to achieve its ultimate goal of powering 100% of its economy with clean energy, the state needs to upgrade its seaport infrastructure so it can host hubs for manufacturing, assembly, operations and maintenance for offshore wind turbines. These port transformations would facilitate robust offshore wind development that could generate enough energy to power 25 million homes by mid-century. 

AB 3 will create a plan to enhance seaport readiness for offshore wind infrastructure and study the potential for assembling and manufacturing most of the hardware needed for offshore wind energy projects in-state. This bill will help California maximize the environmental and economic benefits that offshore wind power can bring to the state.

In response, Steven King, Environment California’s clean energy advocate, released the following statement:

“AB 3 puts the wind at our backs as we strive to meet our climate and clean energy goals by generating lots of renewable offshore wind energy. This bill puts key pieces in place, allowing California to go big on offshore wind. Thank you, Governor Newsom for keeping California a climate leader by catalyzing offshore wind power, which is and will be one of the biggest components of clean energy for our future.”