Chimney Rock Designated a National Monument

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President Obama Applauded for Protecting the “Best of America”

Environment Colorado

Colorado– President Obama declared Chimney Rock in Southwest Colorado a National Monument under the Antiquities Act.

Chimney Rock, a landmark built by ancient Pueblans a thousand years ago, is located on a 4,100-acre site on San Juan National Forest. The area has been noted as the location for a celestial event described as a “lunar standstill,” where the full moon rises for several nights in a row in the same area, hovering between the two stone chimneys.

Jeanne Bassett of Environment Colorado stated,

“Chimney rock has immense historical and cultural value. We are very grateful that President Obama has recognized its significance, and has taken steps to ensure its preservation.

The Chimney Rock area is significant as an archeological site, and remains extremely important to American Indians who regard Chimney Rock as a place with great spiritual value. In addition, America’s parks and monuments are the nation’s most treasured places – where visitors can experience the best of America’s great outdoors, wildlife, history and culture.

This designation now gives Chimney rock the protection it deserves, and we applaud the administration for this important accomplishment.”