Clean energy to recharge Colorado’s economic engine

Environment Colorado

This statement is in response to an announcement by the Governor’s Energy Office that they are establishing a process to support projects through the funds provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

“Today it’s not the grass but Colorado’s economy that is a little greener.  Federal investments are bringing green jobs to Colorado. Thanks to the foundation laid by Gov. Ritter and the legislature, Colorado’s New Energy Economy has the shovel ready projects in the clean energy industry that will put Coloradans to work right now.

“Green is good. Green jobs help recharge the economy. By investing in clean energy and energy efficiency, a green recovery will reduce dependence on foreign oil and protect the environment.

 “President Obama’s budget and energy policy are a fresh start in Washington. The recovery bill is a huge first step in repowering America, but we clearly need to keep going. In the words of Horace Greeley, the President should “Go West” to find the results and opportunities that clean energy solutions can bring for building our economy and combating global warming.   Renewable energy kick started the New Energy Economy here. We can jolt Colorado’s and the nation’s economies by investing in national New Energy Economy.  The next cornerstone to build that national New Energy Economy is Congress passing a renewable energy standard, a policy that can help make Colorado a national exporter of clean, green electrons.”