Coloradans Launch 100 Days of Climate Action in Response to New National Climate Assessment Showing Wide Climate Change Impacts

Local Groups and Citizens Push for New EPA Limits That Will Hold Industrial Polluters Accountable for the Carbon Pollution They Pump Into Our Air

Environment Colorado

Denver, CO – January 14, 2013: In response to a daunting new National Climate Assessment (NCA), which shows wide ranging impacts of climate change in Colorado and across the U.S., Environment Colorado, Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, and Conservation Colorado are preparing to launch “100 Days of Climate Action” to show Coloradans’ support for any and all action the Obama Administration can immediately take to limit industrial carbon pollution. The draft report, released every four years, incorporates input from more than 240 experts from around the country, and from federal agencies including the Department of Energy and NASA.

“There’s no longer any question that there’s a problem that needs to be solved. With 2012 being the hottest year on record, and this just-released National Climate Assessment revealing the wide-ranging impacts of climate change and associated extreme weather in Colorado and throughout the country, the issue begs for leadership,” said Anneli Berube, Field Organizer with Environment Colorado. “Through our activities over the next 100 days, we’re intending to move our leaders to action that can address the climate crisis.”

The new NCA shows that Colorado can expect average temperatures to continue to rise, with summer heat waves becoming more prevalent while winter cold spells continue to decrease. In the Southwest region, the time period from 1950 to the present has been hotter than any comparably long period in at least 600 years. These changes will have wide-reaching impacts on agriculture, recreational industries such as Colorado’s ski industry, and public health. As President Obama prepares to take the oath of office for the second time next Monday, groups say the 100 Days of Climate Action is meant to highlight for him these terrible impacts and also remind him about the promise he’s made to address the climate crisis.

“President Obama called climate action an ‘obligation’ and we are undertaking this 100 days of action to remind the President of his obligation and move him to prioritize American leadership on climate and clean energy as well as provide a specific agenda that represents the best course of action he can take during his second term,” said Bryce Carter, Field Organizer for Sierra Club. “The Obama Administration needs to finish what it started.”

The groups are looking for the President to fulfill his “obligation” simply by:

Finalizing Lifesaving EPA Air Pollution Protections — Namely complete the Carbon Pollution Standard for new power plants and, in addition, start the process of developing a carbon pollution standard for existing power plants;

Protecting Public Health from Rising Temperatures & Extreme Weather — Restore America’s leadership role in addressing global climate change and build on the progress achieved through new fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks by developing a new Carbon Pollution Standard for existing dirty power plants, the largest producer of dangerous carbon pollution; 

Moving Forward With A Clean Energy Agenda — Support job-creating incentives for clean renewable energy, which will reduce our reliance on oil, and enhance America’s energy security; 

Appointing a Climate Change Champion to the EPA –- With EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s departure, President Obama should appoint a new second term EPA Administrator who is a climate change expert and has the resilience to finish the work Jackson started as well as stand up to the big polluters who have already spent millions to delay or block life-saving clean air standards.

Contact: Anneli Berube, (303)573-3871 ext.4, [email protected]; or Keven Kennedy, 202.276.3159, [email protected]