Colorado Senators Split Vote as Senate Blocks Extension of Critical Renewable Energy Program

Environment Colorado

The new energy economy has been a bright spot in bringing good-paying, green collar jobs to Colorado. Today’s 50-44 vote in the senate to kill H.R. 6049 throws the brakes on that train.   

Senator Salazar’s vote for the bill was a vote for good paying jobs for Coloradans. Unfortunately, Senator Allard voted to give a tax break to billionaire investors.  Had he voted to make these investors pay their fair share, the money would have been used to promote renewable energy jobs.

We’ve seen it here; the success of the new energy economy shows that renewable energy and efficient are wins for the environment and the economy. Time and time again Coloradans, and in fact Americans, have expressed strong support for efforts to build the clean energy revolution that our state is helping to lead. 

As one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S., the renewable energy industry has been a shining light in an otherwise lackluster economy. Unfortunately the renewable energy production tax credit and the solar investment tax credit are set to expire at the end of this year and investors are beginning to pull out of projects. Every day that goes by without extending these tax incentives puts more high paying jobs at risk. Unless Congress and the President act soon, as many as 75,000 jobs could be at risk, according to the American Wind Energy Association.

The clean energy incentives would not only stimulate the economy in the short term by continuing job creation and spurring investment, but would help solve global warming and promote long-term development and growth in the clean energy technology industry.

We thank Senator Salazar for supporting these essential provisions that extend incentives that give a boost to the U.S. economy.”