Colorado takes action on global warming

Environment Colorado

 “We applaud the governor’s Climate Plan as an excellent first step in addressing Global Warming.

 “Colorado voters want action on global warming.  A recent poll from Public Opinion Strategies confirms that 60% of the state’s voters want to see state action now.  Governor Ritter’s commitment on reducing global warming pollution by 20% by 2020 and to implement Clean Cars is a significant step forward for a state that until recently had no leadership  from the governor’s office.

 “The threats from climate change are well documented and significant. World wide the impacts will be dramatic – often falling on countries with very little to do with the problem.  Here in Colorado, we could see increased temperatures, less snow pack, increased drought and more wildfires. 

 “Fortunately, we have the means to confront this challenge while also increasing our quality life.  Solving Global Warming will mean more renewable energy, more advanced technologies, and more efficient use of energy.  In the end, this all means a better Colorado and a better world.

 “Environment Colorado would like to thank the Governor for his vision and leadership for both our organization and partners in the conservation community joining us today, including the Colorado Environmental Coalition, Environmental Defense, National Wildlife Federation, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, The Wilderness Society, and Western Resource Advocates.”