Colorado’s Senators Go Different Ways on Global Warming

Environment Colorado

“Today was an historic opportunity for our Senators to show leadership on the most important environmental issue facing Coloradans today— global warming. We applaud Senator Ken Salazar for his continued leadership on this issue and in voting to move forward with Climate Security Act (S. 3036), the most comprehensive global warming legislation ever considered by the full Senate. Instead of listening to the concerns of Coloradans, Senator Wayne Allard chose to follow the legacy of President Bush in obstructing global warming solutions and preventing the Senate from even taking a vote on legislation.

“Senator Allard’s vote makes clear an inconvenient truth that big oil and coal hold too much sway over Congress. Senator Salazar’s vote shows that he is willing to stand up to special interests and understands the importance of finding a solution to global warming for Colorado.

“By a vote of 48-36, the Senate fell short of the 60-vote threshold needed to move forward with the bill, causing consideration of the bill to end without any substantive votes on the measure.  Six senators who missed the vote submitted statements indicating that they would have voted to move forward had they been present. While Senator Allard’s vote would not have changed the game, it reaffirms Allard’s legacy of obstructing solutions to global warming for Colorado.

“Scientists from Colorado State University to the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder warn that if we don’t act quickly and boldly to reduce our emissions of global warming pollution, Colorado will face less snow, more drought, and hotter summers, putting our environment, economy, and way of life at risk.

“Colorado is among a handful of states taking a lead on global warming. Our progress on the New Energy Economy and the New Solar Energy Technologies Act (HB07-1164), which for the first time incorporated the cost of global warming pollution in energy planning decisions, show that in Colorado progress is possible. Now, we need Washington to find their way in global warming solutions.

“Next time around, the polluters and their allies in Congress won’t get off so easy.  In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll educate and mobilize the public on the urgent need for action to stop the worst effects of global warming and the many opportunities inherent in the transition to a clean energy economy, helping to pave the way for stronger legislation next year that will get the job done.”

 – Keith Hay, energy advocate for Environment Colorado