Environment America launches campaign for clean energy, green economy

Environment Colorado

Washington, D.C. – Environment America announced a $5.8 million 27 state campaign to focus attention on emerging opportunities to support clean energy that will help solve America’s energy problems while giving a boost to the economy and taking a bite out of our global warming problem.  The national environmental advocacy group‘s  Clean Energy and Green Economy campaign will build on public support for a clean energy economy, and steps already taken in numerous states and raise the bar on timely and much needed Congressional action.

“Helping to solve this country’s energy problems and building the clean energy economy can’t wait until the next president.  Congress must take the opportunity to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, decrease our reliance on dirty fossil fuels and transform our economy right now,” said Environment America Executive Director Margie Alt.

Over the next 3 months, the campaign will speak directly with more than 1 million citizens in 90 Congressional Districts about putting clean energy technologies to work to make the nation cleaner and more energy independent, release a series of reports documenting opportunities for clean energy solutions, and build a broad based coalition for investment in the clean energy green economy.

Action in more than half of the states on a wide range of policies has already begun to spark investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency.  In the last year, almost a third of America’s new electric generation has come from clean wind power. An estimated 8.5 million jobs have been created by the move to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Environment America’s Clean Energy Green Economy Campaign will make the case that the United States has just begun to tap the potential of American ingenuity and technology.

Environment America and affiliated state environmental organizations are calling on Congress to quickly move to a clean energy future by:

  • Extending the Renewable Energy Production and Investment Tax Credits before clean energy jobs are lost and emerging industries are stifled.
  • Passing a renewable electricity standard to get 20 percent of our energy from clean, renewable sources by 2020.
  • Funding the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block grants to help America’s cities become less dependent on fossil fuels by reducing the amount of energy they use for transportation and in buildings.
  • Ensuring that large investments in clean, homegrown energy are part of any global warming bill.

According to research from Environment America, the U.S. is failing to meet its potential to make us less dependent on dirty energy and to meet our energy needs through clean renewable energy.  Environment America is pushing Congress to enact solutions that will help us save energy, invest in home grown cleaner energy, create green jobs, and put us on the road to a healthier environment while building the clean energy economy.  

“Clean Energy is supported by Main Street and Wall Street,” added Alt.  “With public concern about energy costs and national security at an all time high, we will raise the public demand for action so that Congress will push aside the K Street fossil fuel lobby and get the clean energy economy running at full speed.”